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The Magic Begins
↳ 2: Favourite Book: Deathly Hallows

@3:09pm on 31 Jul1970+
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   and to you
if you have
       with harry
             until the

@1:54pm on 31 Jul6719+
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@12:38pm on 31 Jul3522+
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Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.

@11:22am on 31 Jul1818+
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@10:07am on 31 Jul6177+
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happy 33rd birthday, harry james potter.

@9:29am on 31 Jul11947+
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We will see each other again, you truly are your father’s son, Harry..

@9:28am on 31 Jul1102+
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punkteddylupin typed:
❀ I think I'm late to this but anyways <3 Oh! And congratulations on surpassing 2k followers. c:

the first post i see is the moon cycle aka i love you so much. you’re pretty much flawless because of your lupin love and your remione love. AND YOUR GORGEOUS ICON.

get outta here

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@9:27am on 31 Jul
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→ F A M I L Y

@9:23am on 31 Jul1834+
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nataliedomers typed:

i love the title for your “about” - “biopsy” very clever. (*resists urge to steal it*). your blog is so fresh and so clean aka perf

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@9:23am on 31 Jul
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our motherlands and mother seas
here’s what we believe, it’s simple
we don’t want to kill

@9:16am on 31 Jul7323+
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ladymalfoi typed:
❀ congrats on your followers darling!! <333

shut up your perfect. all the yellow on your blog is so bright and happy. also green arrow fandom represent! (how does your updates tab do that? but really - how???)

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@9:16am on 31 Jul
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some say the world will end in fire // some say in ice

@9:12am on 31 Jul4454+
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teddyluqin typed:

i love all the purple on your blog! c: and your killer (crazy organized) updates tab.

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@9:11am on 31 Jul1+
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megs and her 2.1k blog compliments


i just surpassed 2k followers. (wut?) and i haven’t been on a lot and i think y’all deserve some love.


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don’t have to be following me (but that’d be cool)

@3:35pm on 30 Jul11+
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